The Artist




Thank you for visiting! My name is Calvin, I'm a client-oriented, enthusiastic and self-driven illustrator/ concept artist. I’ve contributed in successfully published games, books and film in various styles. I mostly work in 2D, but increasingly incorporate 3D in my workflow and I enjoy a collaborative environment.

I love sci-fi, fantasy and horror and having special interest in robots, monsters, and space.
Stormbrush is about expressive brushstroke that evoke energy and movement.
A strong visual mark that tells a great story.

If you happen to have a great story, please do not hesitate to contact me. My job is to visualize it.

You can contact me here.

Fantasy Flight Games- Star wars, Legend of the Five Rings
Games Workshop
Light Chaser Animation
Omens Studios
Universal Studios Singapore
Upper Deck


Spectrum 24
Image Comics- Spawn #250 ( art contest runner- ups )
The Realm Gate War: All Gates
Age of Sigmar- Balance of Power (Games Workshop)
Battletome Beastclaw Raiders (Games Workshop)
Battletome Flesh Eater Courts (Games Workshop)
Battletome Everchosen Limited Eddition (Games Workshop)
Khorne Bloodbound (Games Workshop)
Storm Debris Vol. 1

Workshops/ Teaching -
Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore
NTU School of Art Design & Media
Singapore Polytechnic
Raffles Arts Institute
CG Protege

24 hour comics 2014 exhibited at LASALLE McNally Gallery