The Artist




Thank you for visiting! My name is Calvin, I'm a client-oriented, enthusiastic and self-driven illustrator/ concept artist. I’ve contributed in successfully published games, books and film in various styles. I mostly work in 2D, but increasingly incorporate 3D in my workflow and I enjoy a collaborative environment.

I love sci-fi, fantasy and horror and having special interest in robots, monsters, and space.
Stormbrush is about expressive brushstroke that evoke energy and movement.
A strong visual mark that tells a great story.

If you happen to have a great story, please do not hesitate to contact me. My job is to visualize it.

You can contact me here.

Fantasy Flight Games
Games Workshop
Light Chaser Animation
Omens Studios
Universal Studios Singapore

Image Comics- Spawn #250 ( art contest runner- ups )
Storm Debris Vol. 1

Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore
NTU School of Art Design & Media
Raffles Arts Institute
CG Protege

24 hour comics 2014 exhibited at LASALLE McNally Gallery