My very first task in my 1st company- Omens Studio was to create a series of matte paintings for Oasis shortfilm, you can watch it at https://vimeo.com/67901697 

I worked very closely with director Sacha, compositor/ lighter Donny, and the rest of the team was very helpfull. Quite honored to see everything come together now.

Below are some of the mattes.



My 1st matte for camera projection

usually I did a rough to get the sense of perspective, color and light right, details suggestion, and then I'll detail them afterwards.

The final sometimes is sharper than it is neccesary so my compositor has more control over blurliness.

sometimes I don't need to start from scratch, just improving some details and make them look awesome.  So this image is what I get.

and this is what I did

this matte is one of my favorite!! 

And finally I got to design the poster. Except the gorilla,  tree and the statue, everything else is painted.

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