Secret Garden

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is one of the mattes I collaborated with CraveFx for New Creation Church.

It was used for a big screen on stage as a backdrop, with some birds and mist animation.
I painted the mattes with layers separated, CraveFx team then make the magical animation.
Progression below.

When I first heard about secret garden, I immediately thought of John William Waterhouse, Henryk Siemiradzki and Herbert Draper. For the angel like figures and color schemes. Compiled them in 1 sheet, keep analysing how to achieve that sensation.

Below is the progress

A and B is the 1st draft for the secret garden theme, client wanted a warmer tone, and the supposedly covered part was requested to be painted in as well.. hence the option D and C. They picked D and E is the final. It was a fun piece to work on!!