Sarah's Dream

Another interesting project that I've worked on with Omens team - Sarah's Dream. The unique experience for making this short film is that we want to have Sarah's room in the film as close to the actual room as possible. So we went down to her house, took a good amount of photos, brought back to the studio and recreate it in 3D. My favorite task for this short is to try to design the paper background for the 2D animated characters to fly through. Because this short is made for Sarah, and we love her drawings, so I went through Sarah's drawings several times and reconstruct them to make it meaningful to the story told.

The 3D model room is created by my director Sacha.
Enjoy the short film below!

In cooperation with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, it made our day to have Sarah visit us at Omens Studios some months ago. Sarah is a courageous and cheerful girl who fought an uphill battle against late stage kidney failure. Her wish was to visit an animation studio and see how animation was made. We were very happy to have her and her family come and see the studio and meet the team. In celebration of her 17th birthday on 20 September, our team came up with an animated short film called "Sarah's Dream", based on an actual dream Sarah had of her beloved grandmother. Sarah narrated the short film and provided drawings which inspired the animation. Please take a look, and please feel free to share with your friends and families. We hope you will enjoy it as much as Sarah and us did.