The Thing (1982 ) movie studies

Studies from The Thing(1982). use of blue-purplish light give the sense of unfamiliarity. The alien designs are so creepy, the transformation freaked me out. The Thing (2011) is nice as well, but the scary part only happens near the end when the alien is searching for the remaining humans, alien designs are cool rather than scary. I like the way they show hints of the connection with the 1st movie here and there :D

Drive movie study

Drive- wrong floor scn I like how Ryan Gosling's face is in the shade, just before he turn and kill the bad guy. also this scene has very obvious light change from mundane-> dramatic-> dark.

I made some screencap to show the effect. From mundane lighting (1) right before the lift close to the row below 1st shot on left (4). The foreground bad guy in shade, to (6) the girl become the most lit up character, leaving the 2 guys in shade. Something bad is gonna happen!!