fish tank plein air

The last picture of the gif was touched up at home. From the photo below you can tell that outside the fish tank (where I was standing) had yellowish orange light, it was really cool to see the transition especially the white skinned catfish to emerge from greenish tinted atmosphere to orange lighting. It was bloody tough to get it right though.


done with my companion2, would need to set up another workflow/ layout system to do plein air as some buttons aren't as easily accessible when I had to hold the tablet on 1 hand.

Lunch break sketches

Below are some paintings I did during lunch hour. Just to practice lighting and try to convey something in a short time.

I begin the habit of swimming after work, twice a week with a bunch of friends. It is the best thing to end a day.

The painting below was painted based on memory. Values, shapes and their sizes, light, skin color in pool, these are the things i try to memorize.